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Successful social media starts with a good, solid strategy! If you don't already have a social media strategy in place, we can create one for you. Developing a social media strategy involves creating detailed customer profiles, setting your business and social media objectives, tone of voice planning, audience segmentation, developing a content strategy, and influencer mapping if relevant. Some clients may prefer to implement the strategy themselves whilst others need us to manage their platforms day to day.

If you are a business who is looking to have someone manage your social media more fully, we can help. We will create a social media strategy, set up and optimise the appropriate platforms for you and then manage the platforms fully. We create, curate and push content that is designed to target and engage your audience. We will also respond to any customer questions and queries as necessary.  At the end of each month, we will create a report using the platform analytics so that you are able to understand what is working and gain helpful insights that you can take forward. Depending on the type of business, an example might be posting more images of products that get great engagement with a view to increasing conversions.

Using platform analytics or insights is key to understanding which posts are working and which aren't so you can do more of the stuff that does work.

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As of 31st December 2018, there were 2.32 billion monthly active Facebook users worldwide. 1.52 billion people on average log on to Facebook daily and are considered daily active users. That’s a lot of people and YOUR customer is on there somewhere. Facebook and Instagram offer low cost, targeted advertising options for whatever business you are in.

So whether you’re wondering whether to boost a post or would like a full sales funnel configured, we can help.

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If it’s the know-how which is holding you back from being able to manage your own business’s social media, why not book a 1:1 coaching session? We can tailor it to exactly what you need to know. Perhaps you’d like help on platform set up and optimisation or creating better content? Maybe you’d like to develop a hashtag strategy for Instagram or learn more about how to use Instagram Stories.

We can also train you on how to use Facebook Ads Manager and how to create a great ad for your business.

Whatever you feel you need help with, we’re sure we can help.